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Fake Drugs in Bangladesh


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A lot of Bangladeshi patients come to Singapore for medical treatment. Recently, I have noticed more patients asking to buy medication from Singapore as well. A check on the news show that selling medication that is counterfeit and expired is common in Bangladesh, and the government is finally doing something about it.

The pharmacists are fighting back. They are staging a strike, closing down all the pharmacies in Dhaka. The poor patients are the ones who suffer.

Eventually they will have to open again. Pharmacists have great responsibilities and they should uphold the highest standards in dispensing medication. Counterfeit medication is extremely dangerous and can cause patients to suffer side effects or even lose their lives.

I applaud the Bangladeshi government to take this first step to protect the patients. I am also glad that in Singapore, we can buy medication from any doctor’s office or pharmacy and be sure that the medication is genuine.